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SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun

The region at the Gotthard and Oberalp Pass stands for diversity and variety. Discover nature with countless mountain lakes, small glaciers, impressive side valleys and various passes. Sedrun is the ideal starting point or stage stop for hikes, bike tours or walks. From the Oberalp Pass, the Schneehüenerstock-Express gondola is at your service for a trip to the alpine mountain world of the canton Uri and Grisons. Enjoy the fantastic view.

Summer 2020


Continuous operation

4 July - 17 October


Gütsch Express (Andermatt - Nätschen -  Gütsch)

9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Schneehüenerstock Express (Oberalp Pass - Schneehüenerstock)

9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Cable Car Andermatt - Gurschen / Gurschen - Gemsstock

No summer operation


With the "Disentis Sedrun inclusive" guest card, the following trips are free of charge:

  • cable car Oberalp Pass - Schneehüenerstock (Schneehüenerstock Express)
  • cable car Disentis - Caischavedra
  • cable car Sedrun - Cuolm da Vi
  • cable car Andermatt - Nätschen - Gütsch
  • local buses in Disentis and Sedrun


Regular prices

Interesting facts

There is no bike transport for the 2020 season

Bicycles cannot be transported in the gondolas of the SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun in summer 2020. The numbers of bike routes in the respective area have not yet been finalized and end at the Platte area in a cul-de-sac without an official bike path towards the Oberalp Pass.


In the Oberalp area, leashes are mandatory for dogs

You are in an area with wildlife. With a little luck, you might see marmots, ptarmigans or black grouses, ermines or whinchats, or other native wild animals on your hike.

With their strong senses, wild animals notice traces of scent and tracks, even after days. Markings, as well as faeces of free-running dogs, affect the habitat of these animals. Dogs - small or large – also have a pronounced hunting instinct. With frequent disturbances, wild animals react with fear and leave the area. Unnecessary scares and associated flight responses consume precious energy reserves in wild animals and birds. This leads to increased nutritional requirements.  Out of consideration for all native wild animals, dogs must be on a leash in the entire area.


No transport of hang-gliders for the 2020 season

Paragliding can have a significant impact on wildlife. Adjacent to the Schneehüenerstock is a federal hunting ban area (Fellital). Investigations and discussions on the possible effects and disturbances of the wild animals with a starting point for paragliding flights close to the Schneehüenerstock are currently being carried out. To avoid influences on these investigations and discussions, the ASS does currently not transport paragliders on its facilities. Since a check of the backpacks is not in the interest of the ASS, we appeal to your understanding and consideration not to launch from the Schneehüenerstock until the BAV has made a decision on the transport of paragliders to the Schneehüenerstock. In doing so, you are helping your own interests.


Hiking trails lead partly through areas with suckler herds.

Although these are specially marked, please follow the following recommendations:

  • if possible, keep distance as it might unsettle the cattle. In any case, walk calmly past the animals. Mother cows always keep an eye on their little ones and can react violently in unsettling situations.
  • Do not approach or touch the calves.
  • Keep your dog on a leash, bypass the cattle as calmly and wide as possible. Avoid direct contact with the herd.
Oberalp Pass
Discover the Oberalp pass, which connects the canton of Grisons with the canton of Uri and is also the starting point of the Schneehüenerstock Express.
Discover Oberalp Pass

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