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In the Upper Surselva local traditions are still very much alive. Depending on the time of day, you will be greeted with «Bien di» or «Buna sera», which are the equivalent of «Good day» and «Good evening». Allow yourself to be inspired by Romansh culture and hospitality and find a new lease of life in the holiday region of Disentis Sedrun. Unique natural and cultural treasures are to be found in the surrounding villages.

Romansh language culture

Graubünden is the only trilingual canton in Switzerland. In addition to German and/or Italian, residents also speak Romansh. Romansh is only spoken and embraced in Graubünden. Sursilvan is a dialect of the Romansh language spoken in the Surselva in the Bündner Oberland. In addition to Sursilvan, there are four other dialects with their own written form (Sutsilvan, Surmiran, Puter and Valader). Romansh is actively nurtured and cherished in Disentis Sedrun and is used in schools, by administrative bodies, on the TV, radio and in literature. Romansh is embraced throughout Disentis Sedrun.

Mountain village

Gold digging

In the past, numerous pieces of gold were found in the Rhine near Disentis. You too can try your luck and pan for this natural treasure. If you don’t «strike gold», at least your holiday experience of Disentis Sedrun will be a «rich» one.

More about gold digging

Disentis Benedictine monastery

Disentis is home to an impressive Benedictine monastery. The Baroque site demonstrates the great confidence of the post-reformation period and is a striking feature of the landscape.

Discover the monastery

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