Climbing on Piz Cavardiras

The beautiful ridge climb has been newly set up. The best way down is via the eastern ridge, followed by abseiling down the south face. There is some fantastic climbing on the east face!

Information and equipment

Rock type Granit
Sector South ridge
Exp S
Start 2'948 m above sea level
Length 400 m
Difficulty 4b
Rope 50 m
Rocks or similar chocks 4 to 9
Express 8
Protectin Good
Descent on foot With abseiling sections 2 x 25 m


Sector East face
Exp E
Start 2'670 m above sea level
Length 200 m
Difficulty 6b
Rope 2x 50 m (double rope)
Rocks or similar chocks 4 to 8
Friends 1 to 2
Express 10
Protection Good
Abseiling on the route Yes

Route overview



South ridge

  • Ridge climb 
  • A long and difficult route, very alpine in character, retreat in bad weather is only possible at great risk if at all. 
  • This route has been upgraded.  The ascent and descent on this tour require good footwear and, depending on the season, an ice-pick (maybe even crampons). 
  • Ask the hut manager for more information. 

East face

  • Inclined slabs or friction 
  • Steep crack or crevasse 
  • Rock falls possible if more than one rope team is on the route.


It is essential to check the weather and snow conditions before starting your tour; contact the Cavadiras mountain hut if necessary. 

These climbing routes are used at your own risk. No liability can be accepted for accidents or injury of any kind. All climbers practise their sport at their own risk.

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