Climbing in Lai Alv

The structured granite of the rocks at Lai Alv (2,500 m above sea level) are an open invitation to climbers. The Disentis rescue team has set up about 30 routes in the glacier-worn rocks. Most of these routes are about 20 m long.  All are well equipped with bolts. Levels of difficulty are between 4 and 7. The routes are also suitable for climbing with children.

Other routes

The multi-pitch tours on Crap Baselgia and the eastern spur of Gendusas are more suitable for experienced climbers. They offer climbing on steep granite at about level 6 of difficulty. These tours are also all equipped with bolts. New routes are being opened up all the time. Topo guides and more detailed information are available at the cable car ticket desk.


The climbing guide «30 Abenteuer am Berg» (30 adventures on the mountain), including the climbing parks and routes around Lai Alv, is available from the ticket desk at the Disentis cable car station or in the Caischavedra mountain restaurant. 

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