Climbing around the Etzlihütte

The fantastic gneiss rock around the Etzlihütte is as if purpose-made for exploring on all fours. Summits such as the Sunnig Wichel and the Ruchen are highly rated by ambitious climbers, but there is also plenty for families to enjoy in the climbing parks. 

Felleli climbing park

From the Etzlihütte it takes only 20 minutes to reach an ideal climbing area for children, families and groups.  A number of different routes in two sections offer a range of opportunities for having fun at all levels of difficulty from 2 to 6.  The short routes cover a very small area and are therefore ideal for practising and for fun climbing.  All routes are fully labelled and secured.  (Stainless steel bolts) All belay stations are equipped with two bolts. There are also two solid rock anchors for stretching an aerial rope between two rocks.  All the required equipment (static rope) is available in the hut and can be issued to experienced people (mountain guides). 

Close by, an idyllic mountain lake provides a refreshing break after an exciting climbing session.

Spillauiplatten climbing park

If you go from the Etzlihütte towards the Pörtlilücke past the Felleli climbing park, after about 300 m you can see the climbing routes in the Spillaui climbing park  (about 50 minutes' walk from the Etzlihütte).

The routes are at an altitude of 2,300 m above sea level and are all south-facing, so in summer they enjoy sunshine all day long. 


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